You’ve got to hand it to Perfect Fit Brand when it comes to mastering the art of masturbation. Whether you are a cis man, trans man or FTM man, Perfect Fit Brand has a masturbator for you.

Our tight collection of masturbators features innovative new toys like the Male Masturbator, the award winning Buck Angel® FTM™ Stroker and the smaller, tighter Kiss-X, as well as our original male stoker, The Boss and the wildly versatile Fat Boy line of extenders/strokers. Take scroll and check ‘em out.

The ROCCO™ Jack Daddy
A beautifully designed masturbator with design elements you won’t find anywhere else. Made of our proprietary SilaSkin™, the ROCCO™ Jack Daddy features an innovative thumb grip band–handy for when lube gets on the outside of the toy–and an extra-large opening/tunnel, that allows you to use it even when semi-erect, but also fits the average penis snuggly.

Buck-Off™ and Kiss-X™ FTM strokers
The Buck-Off™ Buck Angel® FTM Stroker was designed to help transmen to explore and love their bodies. We developed the Buck-Off™ for t-cock/enlarged clitoris, a common physical change that happens during transition as a result of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). In 2017 the Buck-Off™ won both the XBIZ Awards "Specialty Product/Line of the Year Award" and the AVN “O” Awards "Outstanding Innovation Award".

The Kiss-X™ clitoral stimulator basically a snugger version of the Buck-Off™, but with a smaller hole for people with smaller parts; designed for those who are not on or just beginning HRT, and therefore do not have an enlarged clitoris. While designed with trans men in mind, cis women also love it.

Perfect Fit Male Masturbator
Our newest stroker for guys, this all new masturbator design uses our amazing proprietary SilaSkin™ to create what may be the ultimate Masturbator. We feel so confident in its effectiveness that we named it the Perfect Fit Male Masturbator. This unique masturbator features our proven ribs and nubs design from our Fat Boy line, but with a larger opening and thicker wall construction to provide a wonderful feeling of “tightness” without needing to be squeezed with your hand. Available with or without grips.

All New Fat Boy™ Sheaths
Our Fat Boy™ was the first soft stretchy sheath ever conceived, born from the desire to make both partners reach orgasm while using an “extender”. For the receiving partner, the Fat Boy™ adds girth, while for the wearer, with its interior nubs and ribs, it also acts as a stroker. Men dig it as a stroker with or without a partner. With its unique ball loop, men have discovered that the Fat Boy Sheaths are unique in that the Fat Boy tugs on your balls while you are jerking off. Sweet!

Boss Stroker
We took everything into consideration when designing the Boss Stroker. It’s big and beefy so it fills your hand. It’s made of our amazing SilaSkin™ so it’s super soft. We developed a unique ribbing made of long, thin fin walls, creating 16 suction chambers for a mind-blowing experience. We are the first company to design an air hole in the tip of the stroker so you can easily squeeze out any extra air, making the for a super tight fit and contact with your penis. It ain’t called the Boss for nothin’! Note: We are temporarily out of stock of the Boss Stroker.