Buck Angel Kiss-X

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Buck Angel Kiss-X

The Buck-Off was designed specifically for transmen well into transition.

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Following the commercial and media success of the Buck-Off™, we present the Kiss-X™ FTM clitoral stimulator, basically a snugger version of the Buck-Off™, but with a smaller hole for people with smaller parts.

This product exists thanks to feedback from our customers. We surveyed a group of buyers of the Buck-Off™ and we heard a common request, "Can you make one for the transman not in medical transition or who may be early on in their HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)?" We said, "Of course!"

While the Buck-Off™ was designed specifically for transmen well into transition, the Kiss-X™ is designed for those who are not on or just beginning HRT, and therefore do not have an enlarged clitoris.

With a different shape at the base, the Kiss-X™ is purposefully designed as a suction stroker to fit over the clitoris, but, like the Buck-Off™, offers the pleasure of masturbation without the need for an electric device.

Like the Buck-Off™ it is made of super-soft and sensual SilaSkin™ material making it pliable and pleasant to the touch.

Brand: Perfect Fit

Collection: Buck Angel FTM Line

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